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Contact stunt coordinators who are hiring right now. All the most up-to-date info on what is filming.
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What's Filming

Know what's filming and who is hiring. Don't fall behind.

Coordinator Preferences

Put your best foot forwards by giving the coordinator exactly what they asked for.

Updated Daily

With mulitple updates every single week, you can set your own routine for reaching out.

Send your stuff any time, any device

The Stunt Breakdown works the same on every device you own: phone, tablet or laptop

All your info is synced across devices

No need to wait until you get home to send your info.

Send a coordinator your stuff from the trailer. Send it between takes!

Accelerate your stunt career by meeting and impressing more stunt coordinators.

Main Features

At it's core, the Breakdown is designed to get you work. Stay busy by submitting your stunt reel, resume, and headshot to coordiantors who are hiring right now.

Find stunt work

Know what's filming and who is hiring. Search the Stunt Breakdown database with lightning fast search.

Do it right

Did you know, that every coordinator has a different way of doing things? We collect and share their preferences with you.

Info in the cloud

No more searching emails and pdfs for the info you need. It's always available online.

What's upcoming

The best time to contact a coordinator is when they are ready to hire. Doubles get hired before a show even starts.

Submit your Tips

If we're missing info, we'll pay you a finders fee for every show you help us complete.

Balance your career

Reaching out to coordinators is part of keeping your career healthy. Stay on the top of their mind.


We have lots of info! Here's the current snapshot of everything we have.

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The Stunt Breakdown is updated daily! And sometimes more often than that, so PDFs are immediately out of date. Since we want to give you the information as we discover it, the only way to keep you current is to use the website.
Stunt casting is done a little differently than actor casting. Coordinators need to trust you before they can hire you, because not only is their job on the line when they hire you, but often the health and safety of everyone on set.
Contacting coordinators directly is a part of the process of building and maintaining that trust.
We look everywhere so you don't have to! We get information directly from coordinators and performers. We do research, read articles, speak to production offices, and so much more.
We do all that work so you don't have to. You can get the best information available in one spot.

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